Use Hypnosis To Quiet The Mind

Here in the office, things are also bustling. There is a deadline of some kind looming, and as a result, there are many office workers milling around at speed, others rushing at their desks, people are shouting into phones, making speedy photocopies, phones are ringing constantly. It is tough to try and keep up with all the movement, noise and activity in this office.Many people look flustered. Many have looks of anguish and uneasiness on their faces antonthe hypnotist . No one is smiling. Some people argue and exhale loudly. Some are pushing past others as they move around the open plan area that does not seem to big enough for all these people. More people seem to arrive and add to the busy-ness and noise and it is hard to focus or concentrate at all.You notice that it feels hot and humid up here too.

Engage in this scene, see the sights, colours, shades of light and hear the incessant sounds, noises and distractions happening everywhere, perhaps making you feel agitated. As soon as you notice a slight sense of discomfort with the scene, then move on to the next step.As you open the doors to the staircase, you notice that there are even people rushing up and down these stairs and looking pained and frustrated. The levels of frustration appear to have spilled out and the people walking around here are doing so quickly and without consideration.You choose to take the stairs downwards to the next floor… Each step that you take takes you deeper down inside of your mind.As you arrive at the next floor of the office building, it is with a sense of relief as you notice that the office space here seems to be half as congested.

There are less people and as a result, there is less of a sense of anguish. A few people from upstairs do still move at pace and exit again, but it is far more comfortable than where you were previously.Maybe it is because this is a different department, maybe they are not on the same deadline as the people upstairs, but you notice the distinct difference of pace and volume of people but there is still some overlap from the frantic atmosphere above, the offices are related after all.

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